IT system created for companies dealing with designing and creation of manufacturing lines, supporting their designing through calculation of the optimum route for individual elements of the manufacturing line.

  • Project: Cyklop
    Client: Matusewicz Budowa Maszyn S. J., Poland
    Realisation year: 2010

    IT system based on author’s heuristic methods for scheduling of cranes for plating manufacturing lines.

    It improves the efficiency of the designed manufacturing lines with simultaneous maintenance of the actual and practical character of the schedules.

    The software was prepared in such a way as to support the user in optimum designing of the manufacturing line. It also provides guidelines allowing for elimination of mistakes and obtaining of the best results possible.

  • fast and effective calculation algorithm delivering optimum and reliable solutions,
  • visualisation of the calculated path on a 3D manufacturing line simulator,
  • generation of reports containing accurate specification of the calculated route together with its individual stages,
  • friendly interface.

From the IT side, the scheduling algorithm is a hybrid method for selective search of fields with limitations, combined with author’s methods for elimination of collisions and analysis of selected permutations. For this NP-difficult problem, a scheduling problem notation was prepared, presenting it as a problem of mixed multidimensional optimisation with limitations.

Matusewicz Budowa Maszyn S. J.

"Pracownicy firmy Alfa-Net to profesjonaliści cechujący się wiedzą i doświadczeniem, a świadczone przez nich usługi są na najwyższym poziomie. Z czystym sumieniem możemy polecić współpracę z Alfa-Net, jako specjalistów w temacie dedykowanych systemów IT dla przemysłowych firm produkcyjnych."

Tadeusz Matusewicz


Solution in the model Client - Server

Programming languages: C++ (.Net, managed C++)

Result visualisation with the use of Ogre3D

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