CMS X-Tools

Industrial condition monitoring system providing complex solution of problems connected with maintenance in factories, servicing of devices and optimisation of manufacturing processes.

  • Project: CMS X-Tools
    Client: Siemens AG, Germany
    Realisation year: 2003

    The project was created in cooperation with Siemens AG which is the client and the supplier of the hardware part of the system.

    Alfa-Net is responsible for the software part of the project.

    CMS X-Tools is a combination of a reliable hardware base with innovative IT solutions.

    CMS X-Tools is modular, thanks to which it has great possibilities in the field of parametrisation of its individual parts. It allows for precise adjustment of the software to the specificity of the needs of concrete Clients.

  • archiving and displaying of data gathered by monitoring devices,
  • visualisation of ongoing and recorded measurements and analysis,
  • abundant library of analytic logic functions (e.g. Fast Fourier Transform),
  • solution of analytic tasks through creation of own logic schemes with the use of pre-defined modules or with the use of available script language,
  • advanced possibilities of data recording - record activated in response to specific values of input parameters or time trigger,
  • dialogue window manager allowing for flexible adjustment of the arrangement of the windows to the needs of the user,
  • notification of alarm states through e-mail.

While designing CMS X-Tools, we were trying to combine the system modularity and the intuitive functionality as effectively as possible.

Andrzej Sobański
CEO of Alfa-Net Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.


Siemens AG

"Die übertragenen Aufgaben wurden sehr sorgfältig und im vorgegebenen zeitlichen Rahmen zur vollen Zufriedenheit des Auftraggebers durchgeführt. Wir empfehlen die Firma ALFA-NET als ein erfahrener und zuverlässiger Partner im Bereich der Softwareentwicklung."

Ralf Sykosch
Project Manager


Solution in the model Client - Server

Programming languages: C++, Assembler

Databases: PostgreSQL

Libraries: MFC, WinApi, stl

Graphic libraries: OpenGL, DirectX

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