System supporting the process of optimum cutting of polyurethane foam, the purpose of which is effective minimisation of the quantity of waste generated during its cutting.

  • Project: 3D CUTTER
    Client: Molitas, Slovakia
    Realisation year: 2012

    IT system created upon order of Molitas, a Slovakian company dealing with polyurethane foam processing in manufacture of upholstered furniture and mattresses as well as in other applications.

    3D Cutter software visualises all stages of the cutting of the foam on a 3D basis. In this transparent way, it presents the operators with the steps to be taken in order to obtain the expected dimensions and shapes of elements.



Programming languages: C# (.NET 3.5), T-SQL

Programistic technologies: ADO.NET, Entity Framework, WinForms

Graphic libraries: DirectX

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Created by okinet & Aguti.

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