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In Alfa-Net, we look for innovative solutions for new and already applied technologies and devices. We offer full substantial support and well-prepared team of specialists holding specialist competences in the field of new technologies. We conduct own research & development projects.


Beacons are small devices operating as radio signal transmitters. Beacons may communicate with smartphones equipped with Bluetooth and a proper application. They may do it automatically, displaying a specific message. The advantage of beacons in relation to similar technologies is the possibility to localise the user (by means of GPS) or to collect the data on him/her and also energy saving of the batteries applied therein (according to the data of the manufacturers they may work even up to 2 years). An enormous strength of the beacons is the possibility to adjust the reach of their operation and also leaving of the decision whether a particular smartphone is to respond to the beacons located nearby and if yes, from what distance, to the user of the smartphone. They are a part of the so-called Internet of things. They are used in museums, shopping centres and airports. They may provide information (e.g. on new offers, changes in public transport timetables) and also display additional contents (e.g. on a given place or person). In agreement with the authorities of Wrocław, Alfa-Net has commenced examination of the possibility to implement the beacon technology in a mobile application for the needs of the Electronic Office. The purpose of the project is to examine the possibilities to send information on determined places (museums, monuments, etc.) to mobile applications of end users (e.g. tourists, inhabitants).



RFID to znana, popularna i często stosowana technologia, której nazwa pochodzi od angielskiego określenia radio frequency identification. RFID umożliwia automatyczne rozpoznanie obiektu przy pomocy fal radiowych. Nadajnik fal umieszcza się na dowolnym obiekcie w taki sposób, aby był on łatwy do zidentyfikowania przez czytnik. RFID usprawnia realizację procesów powtarzalnych (np. znakowania i rozpoznawania towarów, kontrola wejść/wyjść, kontrola stanów magazynowych), a także automatyzować czynności manualne (np. wprowadzanie danych, inwentaryzacja, monitoring). Znajduje zastosowanie wszędzie tam, gdzie liczy się tempo przepływu informacji.

RFID is a known, popular and frequently used technology, the name of which comes from English expression - radio frequency identification. RFID allows for automatic recognition of an object by means of radio waves. The wave transmitter is placed on any object in such a way that it is easy for identification by the reader. RFID improves realisation of repetitive processes (e.g. of marking and recognition of goods, control of entries/leaves, control of stock) and it automates manual activities (e.g. data entry, stocktaking, monitoring). It is applicable in all places where the pace of the flow of information is important. See how RFID technology may be applied in practice to identification of persons in the system of control of time of work on manufacturing processes: Get to know Rejestrator software>>

.NET & Internet technologies

.NET Framework platform constitutes an infrastructure for creation of applications, developed by Microsoft. This platform consists of Common Language Runtime – CLR and of the library of classes, providing standard functionality for the application. .NET is not connected with any specific programming language but it tries to set new standards in programming. It is based on the infrastructure connected with the Internet and on modern standards (XML, SOAP, etc.). According to the assumption of its authors, it is to work in any operating system or platform, thus guaranteeing great freedom for the author of the software and for the end user.



The barcode technology is one of the oldest but also proven, still applied and effective methods for automation of selected processes in companies or organisations. By means of a unique barcode (combination of black and white stripes), a given object may be marked and then – by means of an electronic reader – identified. This object may be a product, a unit but also an order, a document or a material. Barcodes help to keep reliable and up-to-date record of marked objects and also may be used for efficient control of realisation of selected processes. See how the barcode technology may be applied in practice in identification and supervision of the flow of protective wear in the company: Get to know Ozon software>>

See how barcode technology can be used in practice identification and monitoring of protective clothing trading in the company

MICROCOMPUTERS & microcomputer controllers

Microcomputer is a minimised computer which is built on the basis of a microprocessor (i.e. currently, practically every computer is a microcomputer). On the other hand, controller is a specialist microprocessor device, of various advancement level, applied in the technical safety and automatic identification systems. Microcomputers and microcomputer controllers are applied mainly in the public sector (in offices, governmental agencies, uniform services, airports, etc.) but also in the industry or in the technologies of so-called intelligent houses. Creation of the systems using the microcontrollers and controllers requires combination of knowledge in the field of control systems and information technology. The Alfa-Net specialists have created a microcomputer controller, to which a number of sensors for monitoring of various values, such as presence control, parameters of work of machines and devices (solar systems, PV), may be connected.



Operating systems:

MS Windows, Windows Phone, Linux, Unix, Android

Programming languages:

C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, Matlab, LabView, Bascom, Pascal, R, HTML, T-SQL, Delphi, PHP, UML, PLC Omron, XCode

Input/output system programming:

RS-232, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth, GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output)

Microcomputer systems:

programming of embedded devices based on ARM and ATmega processors


Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (administration and programming), MySQL, PostgreSQL


NET Framework 3.5, .NET Framework 4, DirectX, OpenGL, Silverlight, WinAPI, DirectShow, MS SQL, MySQL, Firebird, Interbase, Windows Forms, MFC, VCL, nUnit, ASP.NET, QT, MFC, STL, WCF, WCF RIA, Entity Framework, SSIS


In Alfa-Net, we ensure that the software manufacturing process meets the highest standards. We work according to the guidelines of project management methodologies (Agile, Scrum) and process management technologies (CMMI). We apply the quality management policy, which has been confirmed by ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

We work with the use of modern tools in the field of:

  • version control: SVN, Git, CVS, VisualSourceSafe;
  • project management: Redmine, Omnitracker, TMS;
  • crush dump analysis: WinDbg, Visual Studio;
  • software efficiency analysis: Code Analyst, ProfileResultViewer, Very Sleepy;
  • installation procedure creation: Inno Script Studio.

We care about software safety. For this purpose, a backup of the content of the servers is made every week, while the carriers containing the backups are stored in a safe and guarded place. Company servers and network infrastructure are located in premises of Alfa-Net and are protected in mechanical and programme way against break-in.

We require experience, practical knowledge in a specific field as well as openness to new challenges from our employees. We create good conditions for professional development as well as for reconciliation of private life with professional work for them.

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